Who’s Scarlett? Biography and Music

Who’s Scarlett? Biography and Music

SCARLETT is the new alias born from the darkest side of an already popular artist who has a lot of experience in the djing and producing world.
Off the back of massive tours in Europe, Asia and USA, she is present in the lineups of many festivals and international clubs like Eden Ibiza, Misteryland (NL), Coliseum Stadium (USA), Create Los Angeles, Kitty Su Delhi (Top 100 Clubs Dj Mag 2017), SOS China (Top 100 Clubs Dj Mag 2018), G+ China just to name a few.
Already cited by Beatport as “one of the most important DJ & producer in Italy on its original genre”, she has also been brand ambassador and official dj for Sony Headphones, Adidas Originals, Nike and more.


The experience she has gained over the years has allowed her to create this new musical design with decisive and dark nuances and an influence as strong as the blood of living people.
The new aka SCARLETT is a “red scarlet” sound as the artist’s soul, who communicates music for the ears and for the soul through energy, intensity and techno, acid, progressive and tech-house dj sets.

On 10/2 SCARLETT will release her debut EP “Enhance” on the Italian label Shaman Black. With its energetic, gloomy and hypnotic sound and technicality, “Enhance” EP is set to be yet a string to SCARLETT’s bow and a new landmark in her future career.

SCARLETT is a not yet known spark which lights up the spirit of the listeners.