Interview with Nancy DJ

Interview with Nancy DJ

Nancy DJ

Uncompromising Czech DJ and successful promoter that got into the subconscious thanks to its presence in the important events and accepted invitations to thebigest Festivals, which are for example, Beats For Love, Festia Open Air, Air Festival in Sun Park, Techno Bazinga, Arena festival, warm ups Svojšic,Hardcore operation, Perperum-Extract Records and other Club cenes throughout the Czech Republic.

Hi Nancy, how are you? Tell us something about you?

Hello, I am very good. Thank you for asking. My dj name is Nancy and I come from the Czech republic. I have been in touch with music as a kid when I played guitare. In young school age I started with parties and festivals and after some time when I was already a big girl I organized my own event around The Czech republic. Later I moved to Berlin and started to attend techno music events and bring famous dj´s from Germany to Czech.

Who gave you the passion for music?

Actually my passion for music is coming from Dj Rush. When I was 17 I saw him for the first time and his specific possitive energy as a person and vibes caught my heart. After this i promised to him that I am going to visit every his party if he will be in the Czech republic. In my kid´s room I had really very big poster with him so my mum also knew very well what dj Rush meant to me. I think now in november it has been probably 10 years of raving and it has been also 10 times I was able to see him. I think he knows very well who I am. Haha, one of his crazy fans who loves his power. Thats why I do what I do.

Djane Nancy is your name, isn’t it?

My real name is Nikola. Nancy is my art name. This girl ,,Nancy,, is almost 6 years with me. She gave me my life and career. All my life totaly twisted the other way around with this name and I am happy for it. Maybe you are asking why name Nancy and honestly I really dont have an idea but thats all I have. When I was looking for dj name in the Czech music scene, almost everybody uses ,,nick name,, so I was looking for name starting with N. Anyway Nancy is a city in France. I think that dj ,,Nicole,, could be more cool but now is too late for a change.

What was the most exciting experience you’ve had so far?

The best experience is always when I am on stage and people are waiting for me to start my set.

How is your place you would like to play?

I would like to play on Tomorrowland and Awakenings but this dream is really far away so actual options would be London and the USA. This is what I curently concentrate on.

What kind of music you like “un relax”, Nancy?

Uh, Thats a very easy answer. Strenght! I love when people respect me. Also some of my promo pictures were pure darkness and I like it. Strong lady! Funny is when I come on gig everybody says how different I am from the pic and actually friendly ☺️

What do you like and what do you hate?

I love piano music so in my free time i listen to Ludovido Einaudi and Hanz Zimmer of course. Also my favorite is RNB as is Tyga or Nicki Minaj but mostly I have days when I enjoy silence. No TV, no music… nothing.

In the future, where would you like to live… 

Let´s start with what i hate. I really dont like envy and slandering. That is what people know very well. Negation. Sometimes I dont understand how people can be so ugly talking and sending bad energy to others because their words can hurt the most. That I find very sad. I love sending my power to you by music. Sharing with you is what I really love because when I am on stage is 100% of me! Of course i like no stress. Be positive! Thats why I am here. Music connecting people.

…and who would you like to have with you forever?
Now I am in LA Callifornia but for sure i know that in future I would like stay where I live and it is Prague in my house, around people I love, my family, friends and my animals. If I need to travel there is always a journey back home.

Thank you Nancy…


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