Interview with Arianna Lucia

Arianna Lucia intervista

Interview with Arianna Lucia

Arianna Lucia: from university to managing internationally famous celebrities and companies

We are glad to have you on our VIP magazine.

How is it going?

Good thanks! It is a very busy time work-wise, but there are also many satisfactions.

We know that you are the social media manager of big celebrities in Italy and abroad. What do you owe this passion to and how did your current job start?
I started this job several years ago while studying communication and marketing at a major private university in Milan. At that time Instagram was at its beginning and I jumped into it by also taking American social media management courses, where the platform was already trending.

Arianna Lucia

Photo with Leonie Hanne

Did you start freelancing right away?

No. Confident of my skills, I started working for two major European marketing agencies. I stayed there for few years, greatly improving my interpersonal skills with clients and then the management of every other existing social media. When I realized that where I was working they started putting money over customer satisfaction, I decided to strike out on my own..and that’s how I got where I am.

Was it difficult to take this leap?

Honestly, not too difficult. Even before I left my job as an employee, I had already made a name for myself after following so many VIPs, some I even helped them get the blue tick and they are still grateful to me to this day.

Among the many people you get to collaborate with, which ones do you like the most?

There is no “black or white” answer, it depends a lot on the relationship that is created right from the first time we get in touch. In general, I get along very well with famous influencers and great artists of international caliber, although lately star chefs, soccer players and doctors are making their way in.
They all share a desire to find out how far they can take their business thanks to the online world. By now it’s not just about Meta (Instagram and Facebook she clarifies) but you have to be ready to go on TikTok, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin as well.
All those who are ready to do these the steps I suggest are rewarded, and I am there to do the bulk of the work to make sure this happens in the best possible way and without wasting the time of celebrities who always have very busy agendas.

Arianna Lucia e Giulia De Lellis

Photo with Giulia De Lellis

That sounds very busy. Do you have enough time to devote to yourself?

I have to admit that just to tackle this problem I am not alone anymore since 2019 actually. It would be unthinkable to be able to help all the accounts I manage without a team to support me on a daily basis.
That’s how was born practically. We are currently updating the website but it will be back up in a few days.

Wow, there is a real business structure behind it, you are a full-fledged entrepreneur we can say.
Let’s say yes, but I owe a lot to my partner, Giovanni, without him I could never have built all this.

Ah, so there is also room for love in your schedule, how long have you been together?

(Blushes) Well actually we have been together for many years so far, he also has a strong background in marketing, he graduated from Bocconi in Milan, a leading university worldwide. An ideal partner for my job to put it bluntly. Together we have brought all this to life and I hope the future holds much more together.

We can only wish you all the best then.
Thank you very much dear.

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Arianna Lucia

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