Biography and Videoclip of Nancy Dj

Biography and Videoclip of Nancy Dj

Uncompromising Czech DJ and successful promoter that got into the subconscious thanks to its presence in the important events and accepted invitations to thebigest Festivals, which are for example, Beats For Love, Festia Open Air, Air Festival in Sun Park, Techno Bazinga, Arena festival, warm ups Svojšic,Hardcore operation, Perperum-Extract Records and other Club cenes throughout the Czech Republic.

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Thanks to her activities in Germany (Berlin), Nikola has a lot of space and abroad and therefore she attract to the Czech Republic many big DJ and playing alongside them, such as
(Marco Remus, Axel Karakasis, Kai Wagner, Pet Duo, Adrian Richter and many more…)
Year 2016 was a year of success and growth:
Accepted invitation Beyond the borders of Croatia to the Crkva Club as the headliner of the evening, where she was invited by a successful DJ and producer DJ OGI.
The joint project was ARONGANCY, when together with DJ Ronicou Nancy formed the original Czech DJ Duo that has success in the Czech Republic. The girls had the honor to play on a successful BPM Wars after an amazing A.Paul as the highlight of the evening.
After a visit in New York, a new project, NANCY DJ, which offers not only a change of musical style, but also opening up new worlds and the possibility to introduce to new fans to the music scene. Nancy regularly attends school of music, which deals not only with production but many interesting lesson on mixing,scratching and other DJ tips,so that she can offer a sensational show.




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