L.A. Is My Lady – Frank Sinatra – 1984

L.A. Is My Lady è uno degli ultimi album del cantante statunitense Frank Sinatra. Il disco è stato pubblicato nel 1984 e gli arrangiamenti sono di Quincy Jones. Nel corso dell’incisione, il cantante Michael Jackson entrò a sorpresa in studio chiedendo di farsi autografare da “The Voice” l’album My Way. La casa discografica è la Warner Bros Records. L’album ha raggiunto l’ottava posizione in classifica in Svezia.



The music she moves to, is music that makes me a dancer
I brought her my wildest of dreams, and she came up with the answer
I leave behind a part of myself, whenever i leave her
But oh, when I’m back in her arms
She smiles and then i am home again
‘Cause l.a. is my lady
She’s always there for me
L.a. is my lady
She knows how to care for me
No lady’s sweeter you know it the moment you meet her
I’ve been in love more times, than i care to remember
And love’s kept me cool in July and warm in December
It may not have lasted, but each time i thought it was heaven
You name it, I’ve been there and back
Lookin’ for someone who I’d be faithful to
L.A. is my lady
She’s always there for me
L.A. is my lady
She knows how to care for me
She’s good to me yeah she’s good to me
And that’s why
L.A. is my lady, L.A. is my lady
And you’re lookin’ at a man who doesn’t ever plan to
Kiss his lady bye-bye
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